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The very beginning

This year is going to be a BIG year! Last year, our Kreative Koalas group managed to win the Grand Champion prize. How are we ever going to top that?

I am really excited about this year as our Kreative Koalas group is made up of students from Stage 3. These students are a little bit older than our group from last year and they already have some amazing ideas. These students have elected to be in our Kreative Koalas group and they are so excited to be learning about the Sustainable Development Goals.

During our first session, we talked about the 17 goals and the students completed their own research into the goals. They really enjoyed watching the 'Worlds Greatest Lesson' video and hearing about Malala's story.

As a group we made a shortlist of goals that they are interested in. We are looking forward to next week when we will share our ideas for a community project based on these goals. Then we will be able to make our big decision - which goal will we focus on in 2020?

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