• Kreative Koala Kids!

Working offline!

Last week during Kreative Koalas, we spent our time working offline due to a problem with our school server. This was no problem for us and we continued with our project by creating posters, information sheets and plans for our artwork!

We are looking forward to a visit from Mrs Eleanor Ward, our high school Agriculture teacher, next week. In preparation for this visit, we have been educating ourselves about how to create a sustainable vegetable garden at our school! Our top tips are:

  1. Position your gardens so they receive both shade and sun

  2. Use a natural fertiliser

  3. Use mulch in the gardens

  4. Have a compost bin to reuse food waste

  5. Grow fruits and vegetables that are in season

  6. Use a water tank and a watering system in order to save water

  7. Plant companion plants to promote growth

We are excited to learn more about these things and to then share our knowledge with our community! We plan to make our school garden more sustainable as we continue to grow our own food.

We also got started on our artwork! We started to put our plans onto our Koala and, just like last year, we reviewed and changed as we went along! We are very excited to use our Koala as a tool to help make the UN Goals famous!

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