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Why Zero Hunger?

There are many good reasons why we have decided to focus on Goal 2 - Zero Hunger. This is not just a problem faced by other countries in our world, it is a problem that impacts many Australians.

The Foodbank Australia website provides some important facts that highlight the serious issue of hunger in Australia and our world. They state that 1 in 5 people in Australia have experienced food insecurity at some point in the last 12 months. Look at the facts below.

In addition to these confront facts, many students in our group reported personal stories of going hungry on more than one occasion or coming to school with not enough food in their bellies or lunchboxes. They were also very concerned about the local homeless population and their access to food. They were asking the question - how can we help?

Our goal is to partner with organisations such as Foodbank Australia and Compassion to spread the message and help others locally and globally. We look forward to the journey ahead.

For more information on hunger in Australia and how you can help - go to

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