• Kreative Koala Kids!

The start of our action!

Today in Kreative Koalas we are starting the design of our flyers to be distributed around our local community. These flyers will teach people about the UN Global Goals. We are also working on our plans for our school food bank. We are designing our surveys about hunger in our community. If anyone needs breakfast or forgets their lunch, or if families need meals for dinner, we will be able to help them out.

We are also starting on our Koala design. We are using the templates provided to start putting our ideas together. Our goal is to teach people about all of the goals and to highlight the main goal of 'Zero Hunger'. We need to work out a way to incorporate all of the goals onto our Koala so that we can begin the conversations that need to happen in order to see change and achieve these goals by 2030.

Where to next?

Next week we will be sending out the survey to our school and local communities. We will continue to work on our flyers and hopefully we can organise a guest speaker to come and visit from our local community!

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