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Sharing our new knowledge with Kindergarten

After we had a visit from Melissa, we then spent some time with kindergarten teaching them about sustainability, composting and growing fruits and vegetables. We told the students all about our new compost bins and how they would work for our garden. We also shared some of the interesting ideas about water saving that Melissa gave us and we listened as they shared their ideas about the types of foods they want to grow. We even gave them a taste test of some fresh Bok Choy from Blue Boat Farm Gate .... there were some mixed reactions!!

Our plan for the compost bins

We will supply each Kindergarten room with their own 'food scraps bucket'. This is a place where our Kindergarten students will place their food scraps after recess and lunch, rather than filling our bins with food scraps.

During each afternoon session, we will have our Kreative Koala Kids on a roster. They will collect a Kindergarten student, and the food scraps and they will empty the food scraps into the compost bin. They will also add enough brown matter (sugar cane mulch) to our compost bins to ensure they work properly - at a ratio of 2:8. As they do this, they will be able to teach our Kindergarten students about the compost and how it helps our garden is an organic, sustainable way!

We can not wait to start planting and composting next week!

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