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Our survey results.... and where to from here?

Our survey is still open, but to determine what we need to do next for our community, we need to take a close look at the results.

The majority of people who have taken our survey have not even heard of the Global Goals! This is why it is important to not only raise awareness of our focus goal, ZERO HUNGER, but to also make all of these goals FAMOUS! The more people know about the global goals, the better! If we want to achieve these goals by 2030, people need to know what they are and what they can do! So our first objective is to MAKE THEM FAMOUS!

These three results indicate that there is not a huge need for a school food bank as not many people have indicated that this is a need for them. However, it is still a need that we can fulfil quite easily. These results have influenced our decision to provide simple 'grab & go' breakfast and lunch packs for students, as well as some frozen dinner meals for families in our local community. Our original idea of a breakfast club, although great, is not our top priority based on these results. Our team is currently working on a menu and design for our 'grab & go' packs.

These results are the most interesting!! We had a bit of an idea that we could impact our goal of ZERO HUNGER if more people knew how to grow their own food. However, we didn't think that this would be so popular with our respondents. Based on this result, our team have decided that teaching people about sustainable agriculture and growing their own food is the best way we can impact our local community at the moment. We are currently learning about growing our own fruits and vegetables with the aim to grow our own produce in our school vegetable garden. We also are seeking a community partner - local growers who might be interested in helping us to learn more about sustainable agriculture and food produce. We are excited to teach others about this and hopefully impact our goal through the development of these skills.

These suggestions provide us with some great ideas. It is clear that people want us to work with the community. They want us to do all we can to teach others, develop skills and increase knowledge! We can't wait to see what is to come!

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