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Our Community Projects - Kindergarten Garden

Engaging in a community project has been difficult during COVID, however we have found some KREATIVE ways to engage our school and local community and teach them about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and our project.

One of our major projects will be the development of the Kindergarten Garden. This is a partnership between our Kreative Koala Kids and the Kindergarten students. We will teach the Kindergarten students about growing their own vegetables in a sustainable way as we develop a little plot of dirt in the Kindergarten play area. Our first step is to prepare the soil with organic matter (POO!) and then we will work with the kindergarten students as we grow some spring vegetables.

The main message we want them to learn and to take home to their families is that we can combat hunger and prevent food wastage if we learn how to grow our own food in a sustainable way!

We can't wait to show everyone more of this exciting project with our Kindergarten students! Take a look at the launch video below and some wonderful photos of our young gardeners who are already so interested!

This is the before photo of our Kindergarten garden! Stay tuned for regular updates!

Watch a snippet video of the launch talk we did with the Kindergarten students!

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