• Kreative Koala Kids!

Our artwork takes shape

Our Kreative Koala design represents our goal - Zero Hunger.

We have put a lot of thought into the design of our koala. The students have been working hard on their plans and ideas, and over the term they have really developed well.

Take a look at our first plans and our final plans below, and read about the thought and message behind our design.

First Plans

Final Plans

Our Design

Our koala represents our goal - ZERO HUNGER. It also represents one of our community projects - a sustainable garden. Our koala also has another goal - it is to make the UN Sustainable Development Goals famous, which is why we have painting a 'goal necklace' around the neck.

  • The toe nails on the koala are painted gold which is the same colour of our goal.

  • The bottom brown section of the koala represents the soil of our garden with lots of vegetables growing in it, like carrots and potatoes. Our soil is healthy and fillled with organic matter, which is why there are worms living in there. The light brown layer on top is the mulch we have added as a water saving feature of our garden.

  • There is also be a big apple tree going down the back of the koala, which is the ceter piece of our garden.

  • We’re have added other things around the apple tree like flowers (companion plants) and bees, which help to pollinate our plants. We are doing this because we want this design to show that we are trying to teach people how to make a sustainable vegetable garden.

  • There are also other plants, like a pumpkin and tomato vine. We have also included the 'three sisters' - plant guilds that help each other out!

  • We have also included a water tank and a compost bin on our koala as they are both ways we can make our garden sustainable.

  • On the top half of the koala around the neck we have a necklace. This necklace represents all of the global goals.

  • The blue head represents the sky. There is a sun on one eye and a bird on the other.

  • The rest of the koala between the sky and the soil is the world - it is what you see when you look our the window!.

  • On the stomach, we have painted our focus goal - ZERO HUNGER.

Growing a sustainable vegetable garden is a wonderful way to combat the problem of hunger in our community!

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