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On Monday 14th September, Ellie-Marie Watts from the Port Stephens Examiner came to the school to interview the Kreative Koala Kids. Click here to read the online article, or see the print article below.

We were so excited about Ellie coming in to interview us. Our main goal is to spread the message and make these Global Goals famous in order to have a real impact in our local and wider communities. Although the students are obviously very excited to be featured in the media, the ongoing media coverage serves a much larger purpose for us. Through the media coverage we are receiving, we are able to share our learning and educate others about sustainability and the Global Goals. It is our mission to inspire others, both young and old, through our passionate approach to this project and we hope that they will read our story, or hear it on the radio, and be encouraged that they too can make a difference in our world.

The more we can share with others, the bigger difference we can all make TOGETHER.


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