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Meet the team!

To find our starting point, the students were asked to answer some questions about sustainability and the project. They will answer the same questions at the end of the project to measure their growth in knowledge and understanding.

This is also a great way to meet our wonderful team members!

Here are their thoughts, and some bloopers!

Meet: Robert

Year 6

Meet: Audrey - Year 6

Zara - Year 5


Miriam and Chelsea - Year 6


Ella and Olivia

Year 6

Meet: Noah

Year 6

Meet: Elouise and Leila

Year 5

Meet: Bethany

Year 6

There are others in our team, who are very excited about the project, but they are not as excited about being recorded. They have given permission for these bloopers to be added here!

Our other valued members include:

Ella H, Bianka and Oliver - Year 6

We have an amazing team of stage 3 students working on this project together. We know we can make a difference!

Help us!

Help others!

Help the world!

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