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Learning from an expert - Mrs Eleanor Ward

Last week in Kreative Koalas we went down to our school agriculture plot and learnt from our expert agriculture teacher, Mrs Eleanor Ward. She taught us how to grow a sustainable garden so we can teach others to grow sustainable gardens. Some of the things we learnt were:

- It’s good to grow companion plants so the produce grows better

- Use worm tea (a natural fertiliser)

- Use cow, chicken, duck or horse manure as another way to fertilise your garden naturally

- Use fish emulsion

- Use a water tank to save water

- Include Water Beads in the garden to preserve water

Our school garden also has the benefit of ducks and chickens. The ducks help our gardens when they walk around the garden beds and scavenge for pests that might eat our plants. Our chickens are also beneficial as they scratch around the plants and move the soil around and while they are there, they also poop and provide another form of natural fertiliser.

We got to have a closer look at our school worm farms and we are excited to start using these more to create fertiliser for our vegetable patch!

It was a great learning experience and we look forward to teaching others too. This week we look forward to the Port Stephens News Paper Council coming in to interview us!

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