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Kreative Koalas comes to an end!

This year has been such a success. Everyone has learnt so much about the UN Global Goals, about living sustainably and about ways they can combat hunger in their local and wider community. As the term has come to an end, we were able to reflect on the project - the good things and the things that we could improve.

So many of the students have loved our community projects, particularly our Kindergarten Vegetable Garden. It has been so wonderful to see the partnership between the biggest kids in our primary school and some of our smallest. Each week, they have worked together to water and feed our garden, empty the class compost bins and harvest the plants when they were ready. They also got to teach our young students about ways to make the garden sustainable. Check out this cute little video of one of our youngest hunger heros!

Our garden continues to thrive! We have filled one compost bin and we have started on our second! We have harvested one crop of silverbeet and lettuce, and our second crop is almost ready to go. We have basil, mint and parsley, and our first strawberries and tomatoes are growing!

Despite COVID, this year has been wonderful!

We have been able to work with external, community partners to engage in community projects, and we were able to make the most of the resources available to us to engage in our major community project within our school grounds - our Kindergarten Garden Project.

We have been very lucky this year to be able to focus on our learning projects and achieve so much during semester two! We can't wait to see what the new year holds!

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