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Investigating our school garden

Today in Kreative Koalas, we spent time giving our Koala the base coat. We are so excited to being our art work. We have designed our art work using the template provided and next week we will vote on some of the key features of our Koala. We also continued to work on our information pamphlets and video that we will distribute throughout our community in order to make the UN Global Goals FAMOUS! These are almost finished and they are looking great!

In response to our community survey, we have also started to learn more about growing our own food sustainably. We visited our school agriculture plot and completed a sustainability audit of our school garden. There are many features of our school garden that make it sustainable, but there are some other things that we could be doing.

The Good:

- We have our own compost bin

- We have mulch on some of the gardens (around the fruit trees)

- We have a watering system to all of the garden beds

Suggested Improvements:

- Could we get a water tank to save water when watering our garden beds?

- Can we add mulch and other organic matter to our vegetable gardens?

- Can we add some companion plants?

We are excited to learn more about sustainable gardening and growing our own food. We will then be sharing this information with our school and local community and encouraging people to grow their own food, limit waste and live a more sustainable life. This will impact our goal of ZERO HUNGER!

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