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Interest from our Secondary students - teaching up!

We have spent some time with our younger students over the past two weeks and have begun to teach them a little about Zero Hunger and growing our own vegetable gardens. This has been great and very rewarding for us. However, on Friday 18th September, we were given the chance to TEACH UP! Some year nine students visited the Kreative Koala Kids to learn more about our goal and our Tin Food Drive. This was a great opportunity for our students to teach others (who are older) about the Sustainable Development Goals and what we are doing to combat the problem of hunger in our community!

Our Year 9 students wanted to know more about our Tin Food Drive, and they asked us questions about the types of foods that could be donated (anything non perishable) and why we decided to take action in this way! The Kreative Koala Kids enthusiastically shared their knowledge about helping others, helping the world and living sustainably with their older peers.

Thank you to our Year 9 Students for helping us to teach others and spread the word! See below for some snippets of our interview and some great photos of these amazing students who are making an incredible difference in our world. They really are WORLD CHANGERS!

What kinds of foods can be donated to our tin drive?

Why is ZERO HUNGER an important goal?

What is Kreative Koalas all about? And what are we doing?

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