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Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Today we had our first Oz Harvest FEAST practical session! We opted into the FEAST program as it aligns so well with our UN Global Goal - ZERO HUNGER! Throughout the next six weeks, students will learn how to produce and prepare healthy foods with a focus on reducing food waste.

Oz Harvest supplied our students with $1000 worth of resources from Abacus Educational Suppliers to allow us to participate in this program. We have brand new utensils and electric frying pans and we have enough so that all students in our class can work together in small groups to create their recipes. Every student will have a turn at every role in the group, and every student in Kreative Koalas will benefit greatly from the practical resource kit provided to us through FEAST!

Today, in the first session, students learnt about safe food handling, knife safety and hygiene. They then got busy preparing their first recipe - PEACH PARFAIT. Students worked in small groups to create individual servings of PEACH PARFAIT. Some students were very excited to eat their parfait, while others chose to share their creation with their Kindergarten buddies.

Throughout the lesson today, students were aware of the food they used, and the food that was wasted. We came up with 5 main tips to reduce the amount of waste from this recipe.


  1. Save the drained peach syrup and freeze in plastic cups to create peach icypoles!

  2. Only open 1 can of peaches and 1 tub of yoghurt at a time - this will save food going off unnecessarily if it isn't used.

  3. Instead of peaches and blueberries, and fruits that are in the house can be used up to create a delicious parfait dessert.

  4. Excess yoghurt and berries can also be frozen to create a frozen yoghurt treat.

  5. TASTE TESTING is a great way to prevent waste. If you have never tried an ingredient before, it would be much better to have a small taste test first, rather that use a lot of it in a recipe, find that you don't like it and then throw it away.

We had a great day today! We had some lovely volunteers from OZ Harvest who helped us prepare our recipes. Thank you to Astrid, Marcia and Kathy for your support! We can't wait for next week and we can't wait to get started on our very own, school cookbook!!

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