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Zero Hunger

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

As we have talked about the Sustainable Development Goals, I have been more and more interested into investigating Goal Number 2 - Zero Hunger. This is one option for our project, and during our second session, we began to look deeper into this goal.

Many of the students in our Kreative Koalas group admitted coming to school hungry most mornings. This is not because they don't have access to food, but because they don't make the time or organise themselves well enough to eat before coming to school. However, when we talked about this, they were very aware that many young people don't have this choice, and that many people in Australia and beyond live in poverty and aren't able to access food - not just for breakfast, but for any meal.

We began to talk about the homeless population in our local area, and through these discussions the students had many wonderful, exciting ideas of how they could help end hunger. We brainstormed community members and organisations that could help us, either with information or provisions, and the team became very interested in things that they could do.

In order to help our school community, and to raise awareness for this Global Goal, the students were really keen to begin a 'breakfast club'. This club could not only provide breakfast for our students who come to school on an empty tummy, but it could also raise money to help members of our wider community who may, at times, go hungry.

We are so excited to develop our ideas further and to partner with our community champions to raise awareness of the goal we choose! Will it be Zero Hunger??

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