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A special visitor and a community partner!

In Kreative Koalas we had Mr Adam Cook from the Medowie Foodway program come and explain what they do and how they help the community. Adam and his team at Medowie Foodway provide essential grocery items and cooked meals for around 1500 families from our Port Stephens area each week. That equates to around 6000 people or approximately 10% of Port Stephen's population.

Mr Cook starts his day at 7am each morning, travelling around to local supermarkets and suppliers who kindly donate food for them to use in their Foodway program. He has a team of people who also prepare cooked meals for people to take home and put on their table to eat at night. Foodway provides food for many people in our community - for people who have lost their jobs, retired people or sick people who can no longer work. They look after single parents and families where two parents both work.

Adam also gets given many eggs donated to the Foodway program - last week they had over 500 dozen eggs donated!

We learnt a lot from our guest speaker. We learnt that hunger is a real problem in our community and that we can do things to help. We have decided to run a Tin Can Drive at school where we will collect cans of food to donate to Medowie Foodway. We would also like to volunteer with the Foodway team to help them cook meals for the families in need. Due to COVID restrictions, this will prove difficult, but we are hoping to find a way we can help while keeping with the guidelines.

The best thing we can do, however, is raise awareness of this program. There are many people who don't even know the Foodway program exists. We want to raise awareness of this program and gain more donations for the program, and we want families in need to know about this program and be able to access it. We are making pamphlets to tell people about the program and our goal, and we are promoting this program in our school and local community.

We are excited to see how we can impact others and achieve our goal through our partnership with Mr Cook and Medowie Foodway!

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