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A Deep Dive into Water!

On Monday 31st August, we joined John from the Murray Darling Basin Authority on Zoom as he talked to us about the water in our world, and specifically about the importance of the Murray Darling Basin.

Although we are not focusing on water as our main goal, our students are keen to make all the goals famous and we therefore took the opportunity to learn more about the water in our world. Through this meeting, we the students were surprised by the connections that they could make with our own goal - ZERO HUNGER.

We learnt that the Murray Darling Basin produces food for 40 million people, and 40% of the population of our own country. It is therefore a vital part of own country and important for us as we learn about how to combat hunger in our nation.

This was a great opportunity for the students to learn more about our world, the global goals and living sustainably.

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